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Help a brother out and get some Stew!

Below is a small description of James' journey:  

James was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2016 at only 26 years old and has been fighting for good health ever since. He recently underwent a STEM Cell Transplant and is unable to do much of anything for himself (prepare meals, give himself meds, cleaning, be in public during peak hours ect.) due to high risk of infections.  He has been such a fighter and deserves to live a normal life with his son. 

Lets help take the financial burden of bills and being unable to work off his shoulders so he can focus on recovery and be comfortable!!  Anything and everything helps!  

Thank you all so much for all the cards, balloons and candies that were sent to james while he was admitted. We are his strength when he is weak!! God Bless ❤

Below is a small description of his James' journey 

'In 2016, James went through aggressive chemotherapy for many months and multiple different surgeries to correct the fractures in his sacrum and vertebrae (lower back/tailbone) caused by tumors and the cancer. Things got really bad then they started to rapidly get better! On his final PET scan, he was declared CANCER FREE!! Woohoo!! 

6 month check up: the cancer was back in full force. His doctor deemed his type aggressive and referred him to Massey Cancer Center in Richmond VA. The next step in his treatment plan was to have a STEM Cell Transplant.

He went through many more aggressive treatments and procedures to prepare him for his admittance into MCV. They would then ultimately kill his entire immune system and replace his stem cells with the 5 million they harvested from him.

His re-birthday of his immune system was on June 11th and was released from the hospital June 24th! This is the start of the next 100 days of 24/7 post transplant care and a year before his immune system is built up enough to interact in public as you and I do, with minimal worries of infection.'

We pray to the Great Healer that this will be his FINAL fight against this monstrous cancer.

We will be hosting a blindfold Jeep course competition and serving the Brunswick stew October 13th. Pre-order the stew at $10/quart. You can also stay tuned on the Facebook page for all the updates and schedules for the event!

and if you can't make the event or don't like stew you can help James out by going to; https://www.gofundme.com/f/your-fight-is-my-fight-jamesstrong?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_postdonate_r&fbclid=IwAR368FmrOyvwDmn6ZByYiKV5JYEA_6csCY7IA3zad0O43l0jxLCJFlW-vvo

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Off Road Militia is proud to announce that we are now a Club Member of the Virginia 4WD Assoc.


King of the Poker Run; Jeep vs. Harley

May 11, 2019 Bring you're favorite ride down for the poker run and see who brings the most fans!

This Poker Run will benefit "Tunnel to Towers Foundation" An organization that pays off mortgages for the families of fallen first responders and service members. Please go to our facebook page to get all the details. So what are you bringing? A Jeep or Harley?

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King of the Poker Run; Jeep vs. Harley

Who will bring more to this poker run to benefit "Tunnel to Towers Foundation"? Jeep or Harleys? Come out and have a great day riding and enjoying Jeeps and Harleys!

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Richmond Animal Care and Control Fundraiser

March 16th, 2019

Photo Credits; David Pahl

Location; Intermission Beer Company

Food provided by; Jeep and Butts BBQ

Woofy Bus was on hand to scrub up the doggies

Matt Ellen did a great job coordinating the event. And hats off to RVA Jeep Wave for supporting his efforts

Tunnel to Towers Foundation Fundraiser

March 9th, 2019

Location; Boulevard Burgers and Brew

Photo Credits; David Pahl..

Thanks Paul for the awesome pictures!

And a big thanks to

RVA Jeep Wave for Co-Hosting!

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We are Jeep and other 4x4 enthusiasts who seek overland trailing. camping, community events, sharing off-road experiences and adventure. Bigger things are coming... Stay tuned! Our motto is simple "Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time!"  

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Prepare before you GO!


Overland Gear Options for a day trip: 

Although you can’t have a list that covers every aspect of every situation, here are some general ideas you can use to expand and/or refine for your personal needs. I have listed them in “somewhat” of a priority, however your personal needs may vary:

  1. Water and food
  2. note with emergency contact and required meds in glove box
  3. Extra footwear in case you sink your feet into a mud hole
  4. Outer wear and a blanket in the colder months
  5. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and other garments to protect against the sun
  6. Full tank of gas 
  7. CB Radio, cellular phone and charger
  8. Fire extinguisher
  9. Map, GPS unit, compass
  10. First Aid Kit, Including bug prevention and medication for bites
  11. Toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, trash bags. 
  12. Full size spare tire and a jack
  13. Tool set and gloves, tie wire, electrical tape and duct tape
  14. Tire pressure gauge, air compressor, tire sealant, and puncture repair kit
  15. Tow strap and if you have a winch, carry a tree strap, clevis, and snatch block
  16. Jumper cables, radiator stop leak, extra fan belts, oil and fuses
  17. Flashlight (check it before leaving home), flares, signal mirror, whistle
  18. Knife, watch, shovel, axe, tarp 
  19. Table and chairs
  20. Hoses, clamps, nuts, bolts, and washers

This is a pretty extensive list for a “day trip” so you should judge your individual needs and the type of trailing you will be doing, personal space, cargo space, weight etc.